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Only Here For Nothing: An Epic Chronology

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For a decent rundown, just check out that interests list down yonder.

I wouldn't read any further than ~25 entries into the past, unless you're dying to witness my transformation from a whiny, angry, hypocritical, and dick-less high schooler into a jilted, sarcastic, narcissistic, and whatever-the-fuck-else college student.

I'm not sure why, but this is the one thing I feel like expounding upon at the moment:

I loathe religions, atheism included. I dislike traditional religious belief systems more, because they necessarily assume the existence of something supernatural (usually specific), while atheism makes the much more "reasonable" claim that absolutely nothing supernatural exists. Atheism may seem much more grounded in reality than its supernatural counterparts, but it still assumes knowledge of the fundamentally unknowable. It's the difference between belief IN nothing, and believing nothing.

I do not hold a person's beliefs against them outside of my own personal opinion. But when religions organize, and begin indoctrinating and proselytizing, they become dangerous and damaging to society. Beware those who hold claim to knowledge of the unknowable, for they shall demand your soul in exchange for lies.
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